17 Incredibly Inspiring Quotes from bepaly手机官网AfterCollege Scholarship Winners


bepaly手机官网AfterCollege has rewarded more than one hundred college students academic scholarships ranging from $500-$2,500 over the past three years alone.2014年,平均学生贷款债务最高达到3万美元。每一分钱都很重要。

关于70%的毕业生把每月收入的一大部分捐给学生贷款,所以很难负担生活费用。Knocking five hundred dollars or more off your loan payments one month can mean five hundred dollars in a savings account,医疗费用,or child care.

Interested in applying for one of our scholarships?大学毕业后退房bepaly手机官网奖学金页面.Our currentNational Security Agency Mathematics and Computer Science Studentbepaly手机官网大学毕业后课程奖学金。We constantly update our scholarships page,所以,回头看看是否有合适的奖励机会。

Here are seventeen inspiring stories from bepaly手机官网AfterCollege scholarship recipients:

航空航天公司理工科学生奖学金,机械工程学士,Brigham Young University

"I sincerely appreciate the support of those who value higher education and want me to continue in my studies.在像工程这样的竞争性领域攻读学位具有挑战性,知道人们愿意支持我是令人鼓舞的!这听起来可能很俗气,but when I'm up late struggling with homework,知道有人相信我和我的能力,我感到非常欣慰。It keeps me going when times get hard.

这项奖学金使我有机会参加那些赞扬我受教育的专业组织。I don't have to spend as much time earning money for school;and instead spend my time doing things such as conducting research and building airplanes,both things I hope to do in a professional career someday.我参与了一些涉及创新航空航天技术的酷项目,这项奖学金将使我有更多的时间和精力来帮助那些项目的进展。再一次,感谢你支持我成为未来的工程师!”

bepaly手机官网大学商学院学生奖学金之后,Business Management at Liberty University


“给我大学毕业后的商学院学生奖学金,bepaly手机官网我能够专注于什么对我很重要:教育。你的财政慷慨让我离目标更近了一步,激励我通过回馈社会来帮助他人。I hope one day I will be able pay this forward by helping other students achieve their goal just as you have helped me."

三。Maryam J.

“……我将在学习中尽我所能,向你证明我是一个值得接受的人。I feel this scholarship will help me work harder towards my studies and boost my motivation 200 percent."

4.Elizabeth G.
奥马哈销售与营销职业互助会学生奖学金,密歇根大学Dual Major BA in Psychology & BA in Communication Studies

"I'm so excited and grateful to be an bepaly手机官网AfterCollege award recipient!I hope to pursue a marketing career in New York City after my graduation,这一奖项对帮助我实现职业抱负将非常有益。”

5。Dwyane G.
bepaly手机官网AfterCollege STEM Inclusion Scholarship,Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science,麻省理工学院

“我非常感谢被选为大学毕业后STEM包容奖学金的获得者。bepaly手机官网这项奖学金将直接有助于我继续在大学学习计算机科学。你的帮助使我能够与许多杰出的学者联系起来,向优秀教授学习,and above all,pursue my academic ambitions.你的贡献远远不止是资助教育成本;你的支持是肯定我梦想的精髓。”



“我很高兴能获得大学后工程奖学金。bepaly手机官网作为第一代大学生,I have been challenged in every way to exceed the undergraduate experience.虽然这给我带来了许多参加全国研究会议和出国留学的机会,它也给我带来了一些疑问,在一天结束的时候,经济困难。You see,when your parents need financial support more than you do,即使你什么都没有,you will have to fend for yourself.因此,当我2010年开始上大学的时候,我面临着三种可能的选择:让我的父母承受更多的经济负担,一个人在水里航行,或者敲开。现在,I've never been the person for tapping out so the choice is rather clear,我决定承担自己的责任。这样说,我将永远感激大学毕业后对我的资助和亲切的话语。bepaly手机官网感谢你相信我的愿景,因为这将是我建立下一代电力电子的基础,即灵活的,有机电子学。”

7。Ana A.

“我非常感谢大学毕业后获得的商学院学生奖学金。bepaly手机官网看看以前的奖学金获得者,我以为我赢的机会很小,but I took the chance anyway.这个奖项不仅在经济上对我有帮助,但同时也会激励我为我的教育做更多的事情。

To After College,非常感谢您注意到我的辛勤工作并认可我的成就。感谢所有学生,别为你的学校骄傲。相反,让你的学校自豪!”



“如果我能记录下我最初的反应就好了。这个奖项对我来说将是一个巨大的压力缓解。I can now focus more on my career dreams and goals.当我把自己带到外面的世界里时,在我身后得到支持真是太美好了。”


“…我非常荣幸地接受这项奖学金。作为一名平面设计师,我的目标是通过我的作品来创造对社会和环境问题的改变和认识。我希望将我对视觉交流的热爱与社区人道主义努力结合起来。我很高兴你选择成为我学术成长和成功的一部分。正是像你这样的人使学生有可能去追求他们的梦想。Thank you for believing in my future!"

10。Jamenequa B.
Accounting & Finance Student Scholarship,阿拉巴马州立大学会计学硕士


“我非常感谢被选为该奖项的接受者。This contribution will help me significantly in my quest to complete my degree (tuition,费用,books,食宿,等)。In a society where it is easy to lose sight of education as a blessing and a gift,I would like you to know that I am grateful for every course and opportunity to grow,不仅作为大学生,但作为一个个体。感谢你为我的未来投资,也感谢你注意到我做大事的潜力。没有你的慷慨,不可能获得如此令人惊叹的教育。Thank you so much once again."




12。Emily S.

“我很高兴能获得大学毕业后的学生奖学金。bepaly手机官网I'm a mother of two and have gone back to school for Occupational Therapy in order to make a difference in people's lives.This scholarship will help offset the tuition for my program.I am honored to receive this award and am grateful to bepaly手机官网AfterCollege for their generosity!"

13。Ellen V.

“这是个好消息。Thank you so much.It is tremendously encouraging to be awarded this scholarship based on my dedication to increasing women's involvement in the two fields I love: math and computer science.我认为首先,我要感谢我的数学老师妈妈,感谢我迄今为止所取得的成就。If I can serve as a role model for young women considering math as a career,just as she did for me,我会满意的。今年春天我将用这笔钱资助我在布达佩斯数学学期的学习。再次感谢!”


“我想说下学期我将用这笔奖学金来资助我的书籍和其他费用,我非常感谢大学毕业后获得不同奖学金的机会。It was a very simple application process and it is a website that all students should know about."

2013 bepaly手机官网AfterCollege Physical Therapy Student Scholarship Recipient

"Receiving the bepaly手机官网AfterCollege Physical Therapy Student Scholarship is such a gift!I feel so grateful to have been chosen out of all of the applicants.奖学金将帮助我支付我的理疗教育博士学位和一路走来的所有费用。我的梦想是成为一个老年物理治疗师是一个更近一步,多亏了大学毕业!”bepaly手机官网

2013 bepaly手机官网AfterCollege Pharmacy Student Scholarship Recipient

“能得到家人和朋友的关爱和支持,我真是太幸运了。This money is going straight toward my tuition since I attend a private university.My parents have sacrificed a lot to get me here with as little debt as possible,but I've still had to take out student loans.我希望毕业后能进入一个没有报酬的实习项目,所以这将真正帮助我实现这个目标。”

Winter 2012 bepaly手机官网AfterCollege Business Student Scholarship Recipient

"I am extremely grateful,humbled and honored to receive this year's bepaly手机官网AfterCollege Business Scholarship.我感谢你对我的信任和愿意为我未来的教育目标做出贡献。从最初的公告开始,我也有幸在大学毕业后学到更多,bepaly手机官网它的服务和成功故事。I look forward to a long-term relationship and will avidly continue to promote bepaly手机官网AfterCollege within my networks of friends,同事,还有导师。”