3 Must-Haves for Your Developer Interview at a Startup

Developer Interview


This rule isn't just for startups anymore.越来越大的公司在模仿初创企业文化,重视个性比以往任何时候都更适合。In a sea of candidates with competitive technical skills,finding a candidate with the right mindset and background is like finding a unicorn.以下是你在创业面试中如何成为候选人的方法:

Developer Interview


Recent college graduates: this interview tip is for you!幸运的是,对于那些没有实际经验的学生和研究生来说,side projects are extra relevant at startup interviews.Startup executives want innovative,受到启发的,and conceptually motivated employees–especially at the junior level.Examples range anywhere from:

  • Building an app,无论多么小或基本
  • Creating your own website.For example,one that showcases your resume and projects
  • Volunteering at a non-profit,只是因为你那么热情
  • Speaking about your expertise at a conference or in a classroom
  • Assisting in the development of a new product feature at an internship
  • Taking classes to learn or brush up on programming languages
  • Working with friends to sell their product through networking,pitches,and fundraising

The list is potentially endless.If you haven't participated in a side-project,don't panic.But,if you have,现在是时候把它纳入你的面试了。

Developer Interview

Give Special Attention to the Product

之间80-90 percentof startups fail.你的面试官知道这一点,and so should you.Entering an interview without any constructive questions or well-researched knowledge about the company's product is a red flag for the manager interviewing you.Out of the startups that fail,42%of them cite a lack of market need for their product.Use the product at least a few times before the interview,并提出正确的问题:

  • 你是否达到了产品/市场适合度?
  • What are your goals this financial year?


  • How much time is spent reacting to problems versus rolling out new code?
  • What is the biggest problem,我们是怎么解决的?

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Be Especially Prepared to Answer: "Why Do You Want to Work Here?"

Passion is crucial for all job interviews.For startup interviews,it's front and center.Startup employees often work flexible hours (code for inconvenient) and overtime.You should also expect to receive below-market salary in exchange for equity in the company.那你为什么还要在创业公司工作呢?Experience,passion,and growth.

受访者犯的一个重大错误并没有说明,"I really want to work at (company name),here's why."An equally big mistake is expressing your passion for the company–but dropping the ball in your other interview answers.一个创业公司的创始人或经理会问你一些问题来衡量你对创业生活的兴趣。If you don't know about other relevant startups or competitors,it will show.The same is true for apps,especially if you're an IOS developer.Many interviewers ask a variation of:

  • What is your dream role at your dream company?
  • What other companies are you interviewing at?
  • 3-5年后你在哪里看到自己?

These questions quickly tell the interviewer whether you are truly invested in the startup industry based on your goals,知识,和激情。作为COO of Uberflipbluntly states,不要告诉初创公司的创始人你渴望在他们的公司做一名初级开发人员,然后说你的理想角色是一个像梅赛德斯-奔驰这样的公司品牌。He or she will see right through your tell-them-what-they-want-to-hear act.


初创企业的面试是50%的技术技能和50%的勇气。Make sure you have these bullet points at the forefront of your mind,and you've thought deeply about your answers.Preparing for an interview is no longer mesmerizing your answer to "Tell me a little bit about your background."它在思考如何证明你是一个值得一周工作40-50小时的候选人,during both relaxed company banter and intense twelve-hour days.

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