7 Biggest Resume Formatting Mistakes

resume formatting mistakes

A resume is your first,and usually only,opportunity to get your foot in the door for a job interview.Human Resources Managers have very little time to spend combing through each and every resume they receive for positions.据简历撰写专家介绍SolidEssay.com,it is for this reason that your resume needs to be attention-grabbing,但你希望它能吸引眼球。If your resume includes these very common errors,可能不会联系你。这是最常见的简历错误列表,以及最大的要避免的。



2。Failure to Tailor Your Resume

你可能会想在十封不同的求职邮件中附上同样的简历,很快地把工作申请到凌晨。如果你想增加被雇用的机会,就打破这个习惯。It is vitally important that you tailor your resume to the position description,并使用适当的关键字。This doesn't mean copying and pasting the job description keywords into your resume and hastily adding them.相反,想想描述这些困难技能的相关成就和技能。例如,证明你“注重细节”翻译成“组织3000个客户的联系数据库以利用直销。”

Do not plagiarize the position description itself;只要确保你的简历符合雇主的要求。


确保在写简历时,你专注于你的成就。这使你与其他申请者不同,而不仅仅是解释你的具体工作职责。If you have just completed college,and you graduated with honors,如果技术学校的GPA超过3.2,请确保您的GPA包括在内,其他学校为3.5。包括你被测量的刻度,for instance a 3.78 on a 4.0 scale.If you work in customer service,不要只写你接了电话,解决了客户投诉,but rather that you handled approximately 250 calls a day and have a customer satisfaction rating of 98%.


保持简历写作的一致性。不要从完全按时间顺序倒转的简历,to a purely functional one.如果你要混合简历格式,确保它是以一种流利的方式,并对读者有意义。每个凹痕,日期部分,项目符号列表的格式应该一致。


如果你想包括一个令人印象深刻的技能或爱好,but it does not support the objective for your specific field or position, skip it.例如,if you have had 2-3 internships and led a student-run club,从四年前开始,你就不需要在杂货店做店员了,除非这与你申请的职位直接相关。简历中有最相关的信息。It's tempting to add fluff to make yourself appear versatile and experienced.避免这种情况,and instead focus on your most desirable and relevant skills.


确保简历上的联系信息准确、最新。同时确保您包含的任何电子邮件地址都是专业的,任何社交媒体网站的链接都是专业的,and that the information matches the information that you are providing to the hiring organization.Don't use a hotmail email address,有昵称的,或者是一个有很多数字的。对于寻找全面专业人才的雇主来说,这些都是容易出现的危险信号。


招聘经理很少有时间仔细阅读简历,看一个候选人是否有资格担任某个职位。They need to see a resume that piques their interest within the first 20-30 seconds or the odds of that resume getting further attention is very slim.Your resume should never be longer than one page unless you are an executive or director with 10+ years of experience.即便如此,你完全不可能需要第二页来展示你的技能。

Avoid being a highly qualified candidate who is thrown into the trash heap for mistakes that are simple to avoid.总是让别人帮你校对简历以确保你避免这些常见的简历书写错误。

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