7 Tips for College Seniors to Start the Job Search


Starting a job search is incredibly stressful for college seniors as spring quickly approaches.还有成千上万的大学毕业生,在你的准确位置,vying for those jobs as well.你是如何脱颖而出的?To seriously begin your post-grad job search,prepare to invest as much time into the search as you would a job itself.考虑一下这些技巧,以帮助你节省时间并从大众中脱颖而出。

1。Boost your resume by including action words and specific numbers

你知道一份杰出的简历是吸引招聘人员眼球的必备条件。您已经为拼写和语法错误编辑了简历,并添加了以前的所有工作,internships,以及领导角色。现在你需要添加一些强有力的动词来帮助未来的雇主注意。行动词会增加你完成任务的强度,更不用说它们会提高你的写作能力。而不是像“did”这样的弱词,试着从“已执行”开始描述或要点。“领先”或者“矛头”。Replace "made"用“创造”"implemented,"或“发达”。

You will also need to edit your resume to include specific details,which means numbers and statistics!在你的兼职工作中,你每天与多少客户互动?Exactly how much money did you fundraise for your organization?雇主希望看到你成绩的硬数据。

2.Gather a list of potential references

你申请的许多工作可能会要求推荐人,letters of recommendation,或以前主管的联系方式。现在通过创建这些人的列表来节省时间,before your job search actually begins.接触两到三个人谁知道你很好,可以作为专业参考。Let them know you are beginning a job search and ask if they would be willing to write letters of recommendation if necessary.然后,when you find your dream job,you won't be hustling to find someone who can speak on your behalf.

三。Complete informational interviews

An informational interview is a meeting with an employer or employee (who may or may not be hiring!) where you can gain insight about the company,位置,或者行业。Not only is it a great way to learn about a field you want to work in,but can often open doors into companies.这也是一个练习面试技巧的好机会。

4.Use social media for good

有希望地,你在找工作的时候清理了你的社交媒体资料,删除任何令人尴尬或不适当的帖子。然而,searching for a job does not mean you have to swear off social media completely.Instead,use your social media accounts to follow companies you are interested in and to research their culture and previous work.你也可以发表关于你想进入的领域的相关文章,它能打动任何在你的页面中搜索的招聘人员。


You can't expect a company to have you on their mind at all times during the day—never doubt the importance of a follow-up!After you apply for a job,wait three to five business days before checking in to ensure your application was received,and reiterate your interest in the job.面试后,make sure to follow up 24 hours after with your interviewer(s) to thank them for their time.添加讨论过的详细信息,anything you didn't bring up during your interview but wish you had,以及你对公司的了解。一周内还是没有回音?确保发送另一个礼貌的跟进。Be tactful about how and when you contact a company,but make sure they haven't forgotten about you.

6。Develop a job tracking system

找工作a full-time job in and of itself.Develop some sort of system so you can remember which jobs you applied for and when you applied for them.You can also track your important follow-ups and keep a list of contacts for each position.为工作网站添加书签,whether they are through your university,general sites,或与您感兴趣的领域相关的网站,每天检查。你永远不知道你梦想中的工作什么时候会突然出现!

7。Utilize your college career center

You may have been avoiding this place since you stepped foot on campus,but now is the time to finally use this resource.你的大学职业中心可以帮你修改简历,connect you with alumni in your field,或者甚至把你和职位空缺联系起来。Some career centers offer services like mock interviews or job fairs as well.

Although you are one in thousands looking for a job,you have the tools to stand out and wow an employer.Above all,remember that persistence is key.你梦想中的工作就在那里等着你的申请。

Brittany Phillips is a contributing writer forVarsity Tutors,一个将学生与个性化教学联系起来的实时学习平台,以加速学业成绩。