What Every Recent Grad Should Know About Salary Negotiation


你挂断电话,发出一点尖叫声。You got the job!You can't wait to tell your parents,your best friend,and your academic advisor.This is your first job and it's officially a big deal.

But,after the initial excitement fades,you realize one big question remains unanswered—should you try to negotiate your salary?You'll want to use a handy little website calledPayScale,which helps you research average salaries based on your major,your industry,and your city.为了更好地帮助您完成这个过程,最近编制的工资表工资谈判指南.

我们最近找到了莉迪亚·弗兰克,Editorial Director at PayScale and editor of the guide,对大学生和应届毕业生的薪酬谈判提出建议。Here's what she had to say.

What are salary negotiation trends you noticed in the recent graduate population?

Younger workers are more likely to be uncomfortable negotiating salary and more concerned about being perceived as pushy than older generations.很多这可能是因为缺乏谈判经验,但是,如果有必要的话,有必要通过这些紧张的情绪来争取更高的薪水。如今,工人的工资数据和信息比十年前多得多,so take advantage of it.在你进入工资谈判之前做你的家庭作业,这样你就知道你的技能在当前的就业市场上有什么价值。在职业生涯的早期谈判,即使是5千美元的加薪也意味着几十万美元。

工资表显示,英语语言文学专业的学生最有可能要求加薪(51%)和国土安全。执法部门,Firefighting,and Related Protective Services are least likely (31%).Why do you think that is?

A lot of English majors end up working as either writers of some kind or teachers,both professions which are relatively low-paying and many would say are undervalued.It's not surprising that workers in both these fields would have to be proactive about seeking out raises.In terms of law enforcement,加薪通常由联邦政府决定,state,or city budgets,and are a bit more regimented in terms of raise schedules.You don't see merit increases granted as often as in other professions.

What salary negotiation advice from the guide do you think is most applicable to current college students and recent graduates?

There's agreat article from author Anne Krook包括在指南中,指出了我们在日常生活中的谈判频率。Once you realize you have the skill set already,approaching a salary negotiation becomes a bit less scary.Koru CEO Kristen Hamilton also wrote一篇专门讨论你的第一份薪水的文章which provides a lot of helpful tips,not the least of which is that you absolutely should negotiate and think about the whole package—not just salary but benefits,vacation time,等。


我认为许多工人认为好的工作会得到回报,but the truth is that no one knows more about the good work that you do on a daily basis than you.你必须确保你的老板和任何对你加薪有影响的人都知道这是一份好工作。You are your best advocate,and it's okay to ask for a raise that you've earned.If you're talking about a job offer,我认为最重要的是,雇主希望你能谈判。如果提出一些问题或还价导致他们撤销报价,you probably didn't want to work there anyway.


我们调查的人中,只有43%的人曾要求加薪。But,of those that asked,75% got a raise,即使比他们希望的要少。The bottom line is that it's worth asking,especially if you can show that you're either being underpaid compared to the current market for your position or demonstrate your recent accomplishments that are deserving of a merit increase.


你会在不久的将来协商你的第一份薪水还是加薪?Spend some time on sites likePayScaleandGlassdoor了解你所在位置的平均市场价格。别忘了看看PayScale Salary Negotiation Guide更详细的建议。Want to hear how NOT to negotiate your salary?I share a few of my "oops"moments在我二十多岁时的几次失败中帮助你避免一些常见的错误。