烤架上的秋葵烧焦了,味噌汤快烧开了,and I'm still frantically chopping pickled ginger for the garnish.哦,我的一位经理只是闲逛,看看她饿了,现在已经过了正式的午餐时间,一切都好起来了。为了抗击泪水的冲动,我告诉她一切都应该在几分钟内准备好。然后我又回到厨房里跑来跑去,祈祷一切都会好起来,每个人都不会因为我毁了他们的午餐而恨我。这不是你作为编辑助理的典型日子……还是?

At one stage in my career,我在一家叫Vegnews的杂志当编辑助理,我对我被要求执行的任务范围感到惊讶。Sure,其中一些涉及到实际的编辑工作,但其他人并不是我所期望的那样。Read on to learn about the ups and downs of being an editorial assistant at a vegan lifestyle magazine.


The entire editorial team was comprised of two Editorial Assistants,one Senior Editor,还有一位编辑总监(加上我们的艺术总监和一个远程工作的自由撰稿人团队)。

另一位编辑助理和我每天都会从浏览新闻开始,看看是否有什么与素食社区特别相关的东西,which could range from restaurant openings or the latest celeb to proclaim their veganism to new studies that indicated animal sentience or the benefits of a vegan diet.



一旦我们列出了一些可能性,we'd compare notes and then decide which topics we'd write about for our "VegNews Dailies"帖子。我们会写文章,让他们互相证明,and then upload them into our content management system and publish them to our website.

什么是内容管理系统?It's basically a platform that allows non-technical people to update websites or blogs.它通常包括将文本复制和粘贴到框中,然后预览文本,以确保所有格式看起来都很好(所有文本,断线,并且空格在正确的位置,所有粗体和斜体文本都会正确显示)。通常需要一点时间来习惯使用内容管理系统,因为它们都有自己独特的个性特征,so it can be a little tedious until you get the hang of it.

在Vegnews Dailies离开后,我会继续我的其他任务。以下是概述:

  • Fact-checking


Some of the trickiest tasks involved fact-checking for a column we did called "I Can't Believe It's Vegan!"(It's no surprise that raw kale is vegan,but some unexpected highly processed foods are also "unintentionally"素食主义者,so it was our job to try to uncover them.) I had to call up large food companies like Kraft Foods or General Mills to find out if things like Double Stuf Oreos were vegan.很多公司列出“天然口味”as an ingredient without specifying where those natural flavors are coming from,so I'd call them to try to find out if any of those "natural flavors"是动物源性的。这通常需要大量的电话等待,explaining exactly what "vegan"意味,and being transferred between departments until finally I got a clear answer.

  • 校对

Proofreading involves checking the text to make sure that it doesn't contain any typos and the formatting is correct.根据您在出版物日历中的位置,它还可能涉及一些事实检查。

大多数出版物都遵循通用风格指南,像AP风格指南或芝加哥风格手册,但他们也往往有自己独特的风格和繁荣,尤其是经常出现的单词和短语。For example,在维加斯新闻,豆浆总是一个字写的。当你校对文件时,你要确保除了不包含任何明显的错误外,它还遵循房屋风格指南。

  • 研究

你怎么能主持素食宴会?What are some of the ingredients in hair dye,有没有可能在不伤害动物或环境的情况下给头发上色?谁是最辣的素食厨师,他们最近都在做什么?These are just a few of the types of questions I'd get assigned to write about.Most of the time,我对一个话题的了解很少,so I'd have to spend at least a few hours researching it,trying to find experts who I could interview,进行采访。



我们的网站和杂志上都有访谈。所以我可能会被要求和音乐家说话,动物权利活动家,或艺术家。如果我要采访某人,I'd learn as much as I could about them ahead of time,所以这是我经常做的另一种研究。

  • 写作

对,写作是我工作的一部分,太!作为编辑助理,我必须定期为Vegnews杂志撰写文章和帖子,its website,还有两个博客,“冲压孔型“和“咖啡馆新闻."

我每天(星期一到星期五)写一篇Vegnews Dailies的文章,大约每周写一篇博客文章。除此之外,我会得到各种各样的任务,我也可以向编辑推销我想写的主题。For example,我对日本和日本菜有一两点了解,所以我问我是否可以写下烹饪miso豆腐一件旅行装vegan dining options in Tokyo.




  • 制作午餐/测试食谱

当时,the VegNews office was located in the Outer Sunset neighborhood in San Francisco and there weren't really any lunch options nearby,所以每天都有一名员工为办公室里的其他人做午餐。这有点伤脑筋,因为你永远不知道在素食冰箱和食品储藏室里会发现什么。不过,坐在电脑前休息一下感觉很好,这让我在厨房里有点即兴发挥。

我们还需要测试即将在杂志上发表的配方,以确保成分和说明按预期方式工作。(Hence the freak-out sequence at the beginning of this post,当我试图按照一个叫okonomiyaki,如下图所示。)


  • 味觉测试

我们在杂志上有一个固定的特色,我们可以选择一种产品,像鹰嘴豆或冰棒,尝试几种不同的品牌并进行比较。我们通常会收集所有的产品,然后一个接一个地尝试,对每一个都做笔记,以便我们比较和对比。It was a fun little break from the usual!

  • 特殊事件

Vegnews偶尔举办活动来宣传新书或建立海湾地区的素食社区。As an Editorial Assistant,I was expected not only to attend those events,但为了确保一切顺利进行,Vegnews的代表性很好。这意味着要做所有的事情,从摆好椅子和书本到招待客人和分发糖果袋。这些活动总是在晚上下班后举行,所以他们发生的日子总是很漫长(但很有趣)。


与旧金山“Vegan Drinks”的新朋友闲逛由Vegnews主持的事件。

  • 贸易展览会


Working at a trade show was pretty much the opposite of our regular work days back in the office.虽然我们通常一整天都坐在办公桌前,单独完成任务,在贸易展上,我们必须整天站着和陌生人交谈。Some people would approach us because they'd never heard of the magazine and wanted to learn more about it.Some would have no clue about veganism,所以我们会试图告诉他们(以一种非说教的方式)它涉及到什么。And one time I mistakenly thought Adrian Grenier was someone I knew and waved at him enthusiastically and shouted "Heyyyy"在他对面的房间里。(FYI)他完全挥了挥手。)




I loved the constant challenge of coming up with catchy and creative phrases for heds,德克斯以及副本本身。VegNews had a very irreverent and fun voice,这对我来说很自然。

Before I started working there,我有点害怕创造力。我有点觉得这就像一口井,and that you only got a certain amount and once you exhausted it,这就是结局。但我在工作中学到的是创造力更像肌肉,你开发得越多,使用起来越容易。

更多地了解素食主义的世界也是很有意思的。我从11岁起就吃素了,but I've never really closely followed trends like which celebs are vegetarian/vegan,哪些品牌发布了一系列新的免残酷指甲油,或者哪种蔬菜的营养密度最低(紫色卷心菜,就像你知道的那样)。我真的很喜欢学习所有这些东西,然后和我们的读者分享我新发现的知识。



As an Editorial Assistant,你在图腾柱的底部,所以有时候你会得到一些任务,而这些任务可能不会让你兴奋。For example,在贸易展上,我们几乎必须在大多数活动中保留展位,而其他工作人员每天只需要这样做一两个小时。

And just in general,we had to do a lot of the tedious work like fact-checking,接电话,setting up and cleaning up after events,等。当你知道你想写和编辑而不是做事件管理或其他事情时,这会特别令人沮丧。但我认为这很常见,你从最底层开始,一旦你证明了你有责任,你得到了更多有趣的任务。


Start building—and managing—your portfolio as soon as possible.Not only do you want to have published work that you can share with potential employers,但是你要确保你知道它在哪里,并且你很容易就能找到它。It doesn't have to be anything too fancy,只是互联网上的一小部分房地产,就像一个WordPress博客,where the links to all your writing are in one place.

现在很容易出版,especially on a blog.Most blog editors are always looking for pitches and content,找几个你喜欢的博客,了解他们发布什么类型的文章(以及他们是否接受来宾的文章)。并给编辑发一封推销电子邮件。Now this part is important—your pitch email should be tailored to the specific blog and editor you want to write for.解释你喜欢他们的博客,why you think you're a good fit,and a few suggestions of articles you might like to write for them.如果你以前发表过任何作品,也发送一些链接。确保你的推销邮件清晰无误!Remember,您希望向编辑器显示您将尽可能简化他们的工作。


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作业时间!试试上面的一个建议。安排一个小时,你要么开始写博客,研究你可以为其写客帖的潜在博客,or work on building your online portfolio.完成后,drop us a line in the comments to let us know where we can find your writing!