Top 5 Engineering Careers (Besides Software Engineering)


软件工程师只是冰山一角。You can have a lucrative and fulfilling engineering career without dedicating your life to developing the latest iPhone app.这就是为什么明智地探索工程专业很重要。

With this in mind,我已经整理了一份五大工程职业的清单(以及一些值得尊敬的提到),涵盖了从工资中位数到你在工作中的一天所期望的一切。


石油工程师是我们潜在职业道路中最重要的。劳工统计局的专家指出,no other engineering-related job rakes in quite the average yearly salary as this one.Specifically,the median salary for a petroleum engineer stands at about $130,280.That being said,landing a job in this field is far from a walk in the park.

在石油工程中担任职务,you'll need at least a bachelor's degree in engineering – with preference given to those who go the extra mile and specialize in petroleum engineering.Once you're on the job,平均工作日将包括开发和设计从深埋在地表以下的资源丰富的矿床中开采石油和天然气的方法。Additionally,some petroleum engineers also focus on discovering new methods for extracting even more oil and gas from previously tapped older wells and deposits.

In terms of job outlook,劳工统计局注意到,过去几年的需求增长——26%的增长率很容易使其他领域的平均水平相形见绌——表明那些愿意在这方面付出努力的人更有能力获得一个刚从大学毕业的职位。

#2 Nuclear Engineer

If delving into the deep and dark recesses of the earth's crust in search of natural resources doesn't pique your interest,then it might be time to consider the second-highest paying engineering profession on this list – nuclear engineering.作为一名核工程师,你每年可以赚104270美元,all while facing a job growth rate that is roughly equal to the average rate across other professions.

As far as an actual work day at the power plant goes,作为一名核工程师意味着学习,创建,以及实施过程,仪器,and systems that aim to harvest and control nuclear energy and radiation.To reach this position,you'll need a bachelor's in nuclear engineering,在招聘过程中,实习和以前的工作经验是一个非常理想的属性。


Coming in at third place in our look at the top five engineering careers,aerospace engineers seek to take their practical and mechanical acumen to the skies with the design of aircraft,航天器,卫星,导弹。Generally,这种类型的工程师与大型制造商和公司合作,因为这些组织进行前沿研究和测试相关原型。

In return for your acquisition of a degree in aerospace engineering – or another related field of engineering or aerospace science – you'll receive a median salary that hovers around the $103,720 mark.Unfortunately,这部分工程目前提供的就业增长率略低于全国平均水平(9%)。因此,工作搜索和申请过程可能比此列表中某些其他条目所需的时间更长。

#4 Computer Hardware Engineer


Generally,you'll need a degree from an accredited program covering either – or both – of the computer science or engineering disciplines.Much like the prospects facing aerospace engineers,this field is also currently facing a slightly below average rate of growth in terms of future job opportunities.

#5 Chemical Engineer

进入第五个和最后一个职位——化学工程——的职业道路就是应用化学中的概念,生物学,物理学,and math to the production of chemicals,食物,医药用品,fuel,and a variety of other end-user items.通常,students who aim for this opportunity will participate in on-site work or internships at corporate offices or laboratories,as the emphasis placed upon practical experience is elevated significantly within this profession.

In return for your education and practical experience,你可以期望带回家的中值工资为每年94350美元。然而,with a growth rate of only four percent,在求职过程中,耐心和愿意为正确的机会工作对你的成功至关重要。

Honorable Mentions

当然,if none of these options fit what you're looking for as a prospective engineering student,there are still plenty of other engineering careers that can fit your needs.下面是接下来三个“荣誉提名”在前五名名单上,这一点几乎没有被忽略:

  • Electrical Engineer—专注于电气设备的设计和开发;averages an annual salary of $89,630.
  • Marine Engineer– Engineers that build and maintain everything from sailboats to submersibles.Members of this engineering discipline lay claim to a yearly salary that comes in at about $88,100.
  • 生物医学工程师—重点分析和设计生物和医学问题的解决方案,this type of engineer receives nearly $87,000 a year in compensation.

正如你所看到的,对于那些想在许多工程领域中获得学位进入下一个层次学习的学生来说,机会并不稀缺。以石油工程师的身份高效地获取资源,to moving into the chemical or biomedical fields,there's sure to be a job out there that combines your love of the practical world of engineering with a problem that needs solving.

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